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If you are still pending for April and May you can update this on the sassa page to be approved

SASSA has finally begun paying the R350 SRD reward that had been outstanding for two months.

SASSA announced in the middle of June that they had begun creating episodes.

It's no surprise that SASSA did its job and began making episodes on June 22, 2022.

Most of this year's SASSA R350 awardees have already taped their June recognition portions.

What happens to award segments if, notwithstanding the solicitation, recipients do in fact satisfy the forthcoming April and June requirements?

SASSA stated that they would be emphasizing the honor application components throughout the month of June.

After everyone has been paid, they will revert to the recommended month to ensure that the outstanding applications are dealt with by the design.

Candidates whose applications are successful will receive financial rewards. Cerebral hemispheres will not be manufactured, but some recipients may receive many pieces in a given month.

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