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A Young Lady Posted a Photo Advertising Her Business But Mzansi Noticed Something Else. See Comments Coronavirus has had a wide range of consequences for our daily life, particularly in the area of economic activity. Many jobs were lost, the rand lost its value, and prices began to rise steadily. With all of this in mind, everyone needed to start something that would generate income for them. Due to a shortage of available employment, even social development agencies have been encouraging individuals to establish their own companies, with the possibility of long-term consequences for the whole economy. Many individuals in rural regions established small enterprises in order to provide for their families since the social assistance grant is insufficient to cover their needs.

Despite the fact that Dr Phomolo, a young woman well-known on Twitter, posted a snapshot of her business location in an attempt to attract more clients, Mzanzi spotted something else in the photo. See what she had to say in the next post:

Following the publication of the photograph, several individuals noted that her business equipment and location were not as clean as she seemed. Many individuals in the comments section expressed their dissatisfaction with her for not prioritizing cleanliness. Take a look at some of the comments below:

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