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Good news for the Agriculture employees in Zimbabwe

Its good news for the Agriculture employees in Zimbabwe as they are set to have a 25 percent wage increase. This comes after there was an agreement that was made between the employers and employees towards the efforts to come up with a minimum wage for farm workers of Zimbabwe.

In accordance to the adjustments that were made and declared to be effective from the 1st of February, the lowest paid employee will walk away with $5 750 per month.The highest employee on the other hand in accordance to the adjustments will be walking away with at least $ 11 356.

As for the employers or institutions that are unable to offer these payments to the employees have the right to forward that concern. They may reportedly apply to the National Employment Council in a period of 14 working days.

Through this channel, they will be applying for exemption from making payment of the scheduled wages to the employees. Their applications must reportedly state the reasons for the application of exemption.

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