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Sassa gives new SRD payments dates for October, check here

Sassa officials has been working tirelessly to pay all the applicant's who qualifies for the grant.

The first rollout of the grant commenced last year in April and it was meant to roll out for Six months, however, Ramaposa then announced its extension and said it will then end this year January but extended it again and it ended in May.

After two months of its termination, people called for the extension of the grant, reason being the country is still hasn't completely opened up and Unemployment is still the other pandemic.

It was then said, in August, the roll out will begin and people were then asked to apply, however people encountered challenges with applying and they were then assured that, their applications will come through, the problem wasn't with them but Sassa website and its because of the number of applications that comes through in a second.

People has since been getting their money and now, people are waiting for October payments and the dates has been released according to people's Las three numbers of their Identity numbers.

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