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Nick says the Numsa and NUM rejected Eskom's offer of a 7% wage increase, see what SA says

The National Union of Metalworkers of South Africa (Numsa) and the National Union of Mineworkers (NUM) have rejected Eskom's offer of a 7% wage increase, according to Fin24.

Expect more power cuts ahead.

Eskom workers are the best paid strikers in SA. If you take the total wage bill of Eskom and divide it by its 47 000+ workers, you get an average of R830 000+ each year. Their wages should be CUT by 10%, and reduced further for every day of load shedding. And by how much must Parliamentary salaries be cut? At least 50%. 

This is another failed African state, the only way is to be self-sufficient with zero reliance on the dysfunctional government (implement own education, healthcare, security, transport, electricity, water etc.)

That's the reason they don't want renewable, they won't be needed much. The unions through Cosatu and ANC NEC didn't want quick transition because their piggy bank Eskom will be gone. They drag everyone into this mess for their selfish reasons, and Cyril allows them. With renewables, workers can be on strike and that doesn't affect power generation, the unions knows this. Their bargaining chip will be gone. They rather have the existing state of affairs drag on for as long as they milk. ANC knows this. Renewables will never solve a solution to our energy crisis, we require a nuclear plant. The technical staff that I’ve spoken to, like technicians and engineers who fall under the bargaining unit, have all reported to work and are not demanding above inflation increases. This is mostly lower-level and unskilled employees holding the organization to ransom. Time unions were stripped of their powers until they have professional people who understand business and finance in charge.

Everything is about them, regardless of employer's circumstances, @Numsa_Media, 7% increase, during high inflation & struggling economies globally @Eskom_SA.

For an underperforming work force & its management

I wish I could get a 7% increase. 7% is wrong. 2.5% is about right. Glad to see Unions care about jobs. Salary bill must be balanced. So, fewer employees. Let employees go first, Fire all these greedy public servants, this is actually a blessing disguised for ESKOM as more individuals/companies go solar or set up self generating electricity plants would you need so many staff members, aren’t you already over staffed, save the taxpayer/customer fire them @Eskom_SA?


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