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From July 1, 2022, there might be bad news for South Africans


From July 1, 2022, there will be bad news for South Africans

According to Nersa, South Africa's energy controller, "no foreseeable endgame" is in the works.

Following the country's recent burden shedding, Eskom consumers were faced with a 9.7% increase in electricity bills on April 1st, and many expressed their unhappiness.

To make matters worse, another price hike is expected in July for South Africans.

When Nersa, the energy controller, recommended yet another large increase in power duty, it looked as though things couldn't get much worse.

According to news reports, Nersa has suggested an increase in the minimum wage of at least 7.34 percent.

The cost of electricity climbed by 9.6% in April of this year.

According to Neil Roets, CEO of Debt Rescue, the typical power rate in South Africa will climb from R1.33 per kWh to R1.46 per kWh as a result of the price rises.

According to Roets, rising expenses of basic commodities will force many South Africans to the edge of bankruptcy.

"Consumer power bills have continuously increased over the last year.

"South Africans were greeted on April 1, 2021, with the highest growth rate in the country's history: 15.6 percent. Customers who purchased R200 in power received 137.74 real-world units in return. If you buy one today, just 136.98 R200s will be built in April 2022." He said, according to a BusinessTech report.

Roets cautioned that rising costs will have a direct impact on individuals who do not have the power to keep their families and companies afloat.

Furthermore, he claims that the existing burden-sharing system makes the rising cost of power even more onerous for South Africans.

"Instead, over the previous year, the cost of power has progressively increased for customers.

"South Africa recorded a 15.6 percent spike on May 1, 2021, one of the highest in the country's history. Purchasers of R200 received 137.74 kilowatt-hours in the actual world. If you buy an identical R200 in April 2022, only 136.98 units will be available "He stated.

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