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Mzansi Top Richest Black People: Under 40

We see all this rich people on our TVs and even read about them on the magazines but we really don't know where the money comes from, how did they get where they are today. 

1.Ludwick Marishane

Ludwick Maishane is one of the loaded people in the country, he is the founder of Headboy industries. Almost 90% of the products he sells sells them online to the expert market more than half goods of United States of America. Back in 2011, he was fortunate to be rated the best entrepreneur not only the country but in the world and in that same year Google named him as the top brightest young mind in the world.

2.Mmabasotho Murendwa Mukwevho

At the very young age of 25, Mmabasotho was already a millionaire with many businesses differing from logistics to printing. Many properties that are under her name include Phomolong Guesthouse in Lesotho. She bought the guesthouse back in 2013.

3.Sandile Shezi

Let's talk about the risk taker, Sandile Shezi. Apparently Sandile took the money that was suppose to be his registration fee for university and traded with all of it. The same money took him from no one to a now one of the youngest millionaires. He has made a lot Millions of USD with forex trading and now even teaching trading to others.

4.Duduzane Zuma

Duduzane Zuma is the popular son of the former South African President Jacob Zuma. Duduzane has made a successful for himself through manh businesses that he has and has made about 20 millions USD.

5.Vusi Thembekwayo

By the age of 17, Vusi Thembekwayo people already knew him for his motivational speaking. Vusi has made the amount of 25 million of USD in a year through her motivational speaking and other business at the age of 25 years.

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