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OPINION| Corruption stops economic development and innovation

Instead of building proper community sports fields, they are looting left, right and centre.

What's the cost of corruption? 

•Poor sports fields and incomplete community projects

•Rolling blackouts/Load shedding

•Water shortages

•Poor hospitals and clinics

•Poor education 

•Job losses, unemployment and other government failuresPeople pay the price to access public services like getting help from the police, getting an ID or even a driver's licence, South Africa will never grows because corruption stops economic development and innovation. It results in fewer people willing to invest in the country, and it discourages people from paying taxes, because people are concerned that the money will be stolenLess taxes means less money for the government, which results in even less money for vital projects and service delivery, corruption is not a victimless crime. Billions of rands that was/is stolen could have been used to improve South Africa and millions of lives. But what we still have is shoddy stadiums, many people using dirty river water and schools with pit toilets! How is that okay?

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