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Drink To Shrink Launched in Durban

The entrepreneur who distribute Drink 2 Shrink in Durban visited by the founding director and CEO Travis B Martin at Durban Olive Convention Centre.

Travis B Martin from United State of America delivered a master class on how the distributors and individuals can benefit in his product Drink 2 Shrink and Lura Life.

The main lesson he shared that everything in business must be in order for the first time,and also the importance of products knowledge as distributor.

Delegates from South Africa were led by Dinah Mohale who is the leading distributor in South Africa.

Delegates being taught on how compesation plan of the company works if you are the new member for Drink 2 Shrink.

Mostly few leaders shared their stories on how they become high rank paid ambassadors.

Mr Martin emphasized that anyone can take the products except if some one is pregnant,or under age or using any suppliments.He advised to consult their doctors first before the start with Drink to Shrink. 

Lura Life have products like O2 drop that can be used by anyone no age restrictions or whatsoever it depends on what product you choose to use at Lurra Life.

Drink 2 Shrink reduce potassium level which is dangerous for people with heart problems!

The Drink to Shrink Formula has been proven countless times to be a natural weight loss solution for women and men.You lose 5pounds within 5days depending on how your body reacts.

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