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Konka is trending after their price list for alchohol leaked. Will you afford it?

Konka is a club owned by kutlwano Pitso, the owner of Moja cafe in Orlando east. Konka is now believed to be the millionaires playground because of the people who go there.

Its not everyone who can go there, better yet afford the lifestyle of that place. It is located in Soweto and with the pictures that are circulating of the cars parked infront you can see that its just prominent and for the upper class and anyone else willing to spend their money one night in a club.

After the price list leaked people started commenting on how they feel about the place. Here's the priceless.

Some people are saying its really not that bad like this tweep here who said "This is very affordable, I went to the Lick on Saturday. 1 Hennessy VSOP 2500 and a couple of redbull’s costed me 4k nothing more on top."

Another tweep said "#Konka Is showing us that if we really wanted to build our own university we would,black people have money no doubt."

I think somethings on this list are reasonable compared to other clubs. Plus you must consider that you are also paying for the ambiance and experience. As for people calling it the millionaires playground maybe thats because of their unlimited packing compared to other clubs and the ambiance. Would you go and party here?

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