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OPINION | 5 812 ANC employees received covid 19 relief grant fraudulently

Yes I know embittered would come out as people that really needed that money was declined. Yoh this government and its employees are rotten they see from their leaders. Yet those desperately needing it haven't received anything to date but these thieving government employees never lost a cent of their salary at any time during this pandemic Anything under government is corrupt, whoever is training them is doing a good job, There is no commitment by this government to eradicate crime and corruption in the parastatals. So that belief by some analyst that SA will be collapsed by 2030 is very real. All I know is that fraud is culture under ANC government, they will do investigation with no action after all. How government employees recieved grants while are working, by now they should be suspended when found guilty dismissal follow. Not surprised at all,my government never disappoint when it comes to this kind of things. Stealing from the poor. Then busy chasing foreigners instead of focusing on this main problem and there is more going on in this country

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