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Good news regarding R350 grant September payments, latest

The special Covid-19 grant was initially introduced last year May, at first it was said to last for only six months. The government was forced to extend the grant for another 6 months because of the high unemployment rate.

Many people lost their jobs and businesses during the Covid-19 lockdown, livelihoods were at stake, many families are now without incomes and can't make ends meet.

When the special grant ended in April this year, there were many calls for it to be reinstated and after a few months, the R350 grant was re-inroduced.

The first payments were made in August this year, second payments are expected to come during the month of September.

Seeing that this is the last week of the month and no one has been paid yet, people were getting a little worried. The good news is that as of today 28 September, the statuses have been approved.

The paydate is not showing yet, but it usually doesn't take long before the paydate shows after the status is approved

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