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Agriculture has done it again underground farming with less oxygen but high carbon dioxide

A unique alternative to traditional land-based farming is growing crops and herbs underwater.

Farming underwater isn’t new, given the world’s love of seafood. But being able to grow and harvest other foodstuffs from the oceans could take some of the strain off current agricultural practices.

One such experiment that highlights the potential of growing crops underwater is Nemo’s Garden. This is a research project from the Ocean Reef Group. Based off the coast of Noli in Italy, Nemo’s Garden is home to six plastic pods that are anchored to the seabed.

A variety of herbs and crops such as basil, lettuce and strawberries grow within these pods. Each air-filled pod uses hydroponic technology to grow foods without the use of soil. You can see the pods in action in this captivating video.

There are some real benefits to underwater farming. Growing crops in such an environment means no pesticides as no pests can enter the pods. It also conserves water use. The seawater in the pods evaporates then condenses back down to provide the plants with fresh water. An outside water source is only required when initially growing the plants.

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