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Special Update From Srd R350 Grant Regarding October 2021 Approved Status


Special update from SRD sassa R350 grant regarding October 2021 status, SRD sassa successful approved October 2021 status and sassa beneficiaries are feeling very happy about seeing approved status, sassa is working very hard to make sure that beneficiaries are getting paid in time, however sassa is still getting some challenges when it comes to payment because some beneficiaries has submitted wrong details. 

If you're approved it means you qualify for R350 grant, but you must make sure that you submit correct banking details, if you're struggling to submit banking details choose post office payment method, because sassa will verify each and every banking details before making payment, another important thing you must submit banking details that belongs to you or that is under your names. 

All SRD beneficiaries note that it takes less than 2 weeks from pending status to approved, right now SRD October 2021 status is appearing as approved this means very soon sassa will make payment, SRD sassa beneficiaries note that very soon sassa will update pay day date for October 2021 status. 

There's a clear possibility for sassa to make payment before the month's end of October, SRD sassa is trying all the means to make fast payment, so that beneficiaries will get paid as soon as possible, all sassa beneficiaries keep on checking your status for future update. 

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