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A simple way to start a poultry business

People become stranded when the coat of living is high, especially when it include the cost of meat. As a result of high cost of meat, people will look for a cheaper source of proteins. Ever since the cost of meat is high the demand for eggs is very high, and more than 65 million tonnes of eggs is consumed globally annually. Almost every household consume boiled or fried eggs.

You can simply start your poultry business at home. You may have many questions on how, the real question is are ready?. If you are interested in starting a poultry business first of all you must have your own place, a safe place or build a cage. The reason why you should build a cage is to make sure that your chickens are safe and protected. Once you have build the cage then vaccinate it, by vaccinating you protect your chickens from all kind of diseases. The cage will not only keep your chickens safe, but it will be easy to keep it clean, eggs can be collected easy, chickens get fewer disease, eggs won't be broken easily and weed won't be wasted easily.

The second thing you should do is to organise bedding for your chickens, caution: make sure that you get warm bedding for your chickens. Wire the cage with light bulbs to keep it warm so that your hens won't die. After that you start preparing feeds, make sure you buy the right feed for your chickens, know the types of feed which is right to feed them. Make sure that you have enough water where you stay, chickens need a lot of water to keep them alive.

Then proceed to the next step, now you are going to the market to purchase your chickens. When buying hens buy young hens because older chickens are not productive and you know that chickens die. You don't have to buy many of them 5 or 8 is enough. Each hen is estimated to can lay about 6 eggs per week, which means a hen can lay 1 or 2 eggs a day.

You have to be smart about it, if your hens lay one egg a day and maybe you have five of them, you can sell 3 eggs per day to help you pay for the feed and the remaining eggs you can sell them or use them for household consumption. We know that apart from meat eggs provide valuable yet affordable source of proteins and vitamins, that is why they are required for normal growth especially for children.

To start your poultry business you don't need a bigger place hens can be kept in a small space, in that way it will be easy to keep their environment clean. Another thing which is good for raising hens in a small space is that it will make good record keeping possible.

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