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Konka In Soweto is A Millionaire's Club: See How Much A Bottle of Alcohol Costs There /Opinion

A club in Soweto called Konka has taken Mzansi by storm .It has been making headlines for being a millionaire's club .A place where elite rich black people go to spend their money .It was amazing to see that someone developed such a luxury establishment in Soweto,most luxury places are found in Fancy places like Sandton .Outside Konka you find luxury cars like Bentley's , Lamborghini's,Rangerover,porche and all luxury cars you can imagine .

With customers like that its not suprising that the prices at Konka are very expensive. Mzansi was shocked to learn that Konka is selling a bottle of Ace alcohol for R62 000 .Imagine spending all that money on a single bottle of alcohol .

For one to go to Konka they have to have really deep pockets ,an ordinary salary wont cut it there you because their drinks are very expensive. However Konka has also managed to pull negative energy .Many people believe that black people who do illegal things go there to clean their money because no normal black person would spend so much money on alcohol.

It is wrong to believe that Konka is a money laundering business because it says that black people who have money are doing illegal things and this is not the case .There are some hardworking people out there who fought hard to get out of poverty .So when they are seen spending their money at the likes of Konka they should not be branded as criminals.Why is it that nobody has ever accused any of those clubs in Sandton of money laundering but because the Konka is located in Soweto that's why they accuse it of Being a money laundering business. This must stop.

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