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Be careful when supporting local businesses, a lady warned people after buying a fake hairpiece

10 August 2022


A lady went to social media complaining after she bought bought a hairpiece from next door. The lady said that her neighbor is selling hairpieces so she decided to support her that going to shoprite. Well the lady bought a hairpiece which was inside a one million paper. This hairpiece is supposed to shine and you can even boil it.

The lady said she actually didn't check well the hairpiece inside because she never came across a fake one. Only to find out that they changed papers, they putted a Yanki hairpiece inside a one million paper. She bought the hairpiece with 25 rand while yanki is 14 rand.

These are actually two different brands and their prices are not the same. The lady felt really heaet broken after trying to be a noce person and support her fried. You can tell by the look of her hairpiece that it is actually a wrong one.

The lady is actually not sure if it's just an accident that her neighbor was given wrong hairpiece. It can happen that she doesn't know what is really going on. Maybe where she orders her hairpiece they robbed her. The lady went to social media and exposed her and warned other people.

People must actually be careful when supporting local businesses. You must check the expiration date on the products because they turn to stay long because people do not buy. On other things you must compare them to see if there are giving you a good product. The lady felt really hurt after experiencing this.

There was no way she was going to get her money back because she already used the hairpiece. The only thing she did was to complain but she didn't get a refund. So people must be careful when supporting other local businesses.

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