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PHOTOS: Despite the Millions he has, Thlopane Motsepe humility will leave you stunned

Many people from wealthy households are humble and do not look down on others despite the resources they can use to. Despite their affluence, most of them hate being told that they are wealthy and prefer to seem as average people when in public.

Thlopane Motsepe, the oldest son of Patrice Motsepe, a self-proclaimed billionaire and mining mogul, who is the first black wealthiest people in South Africa. Following his father's departure as president of CAF the previous year, he is currently the chairman of his father's team, Mamelodi Sundowns.

Thlopane is said to be a very humble and down-to-earth person by people who have met him and close to him. He's been described as the man that always has a smile on his face and doesn't judge others. Despite his wealth and fatherly stature in the country as the richest family, he maintains a humble demeanor and goes out of his way to accommodate everyone, regardless of family background or image.

Thlopane is a very private individual who does not use social media sites that are open to the public. He does not, however, refuse to take photos with others; only the other day, he took a photo with Royal AM chairman, Andile Mpisane, despite the knowledge that he is a show-off who will definitely broadcast the photo with him on social networking sites.

It is without a doubt that Patrice Motsepe clearly taught him well, and he is emulating his father's demeanor and every aspects of his life, since he is also very humble and enjoys appearing and acting like a regular person despite having billions in his bank account. Patrice is what Thlopie is when it comes to many aspects, and judging by his clothing code, he makes an effort to appear as modest as possible in public despite the fact that he can afford anything with his wealth.

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