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The Situation In Zimbabwe After Billionaire Bill Gates Offered To Build Flats In Mbare

This isn't Ukraine; it's Harare, in Mbare, the capital city's oldest township. Members of the public are quite dissatisfied that Zimbabwe has turned out so badly, to the point where no proper structures have been established.

People appear to be tossing trash right next to their buildings, which is a dangerous problem, yet they remain optimistic that they will be able to recover. However, based on current politics, things are not going as well as they could be, which is a huge problem that has many people concerned about Zimbabwe's predicament.

Bill Gates, the founder of Microsoft, volunteered to demolish the old apartments and replace them with new ones for Mbare residents. But, of course, there were political interferences, and you'll usually find out that the people in charge of your municipality are looking for methods to profit from any success that is made in the neighborhood.

So they tend to shut down such operations or recommendations in order to lift people out of their depression, which is extremely tragic when you think about it. But, whether or not the government did it on purpose, it is still a matter for concern because of how it has chosen to make its people suffer.

ZANUPF stopped that from happening, and now people in these flats live like animals, due to ZANUPF! Unfortunately, most of the time, our leaders do not seem to care about improving the condition for the regular people.

And it makes you wonder why they are so opposed to ensuring that ordinary citizens thrive. We understand that political influence will be limited, which is unfortunate, but they must let development reign.


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