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Gas: A way out, Germany urges Russia to take back turbine

Following repairs in Canada, the vital component for the Nord Stream 1 pipeline became stuck in Germany.

On August 3, 2022, German Chancellor Olaf Scholz is seen in front of the Canadian-maintained turbine for the Nord Stream 1 gas pipeline.

On Thursday, German Chancellor Olaf Scholz urged Russia to return the Nord Stream 1 pipeline's repaired turbine and increase the amount of natural gas it provides to the EU.

"Get rid of it. Here it is," Scholz declared at a Berlin press conference.

After receiving maintenance in Canada, the Nord Stream 1 gas turbine has become the center of a growing energy dispute between Germany and Russia. In order to keep the gas flow to the EU at its maximum capacity, it was supposed to be carried to the compressor station at the pipeline in Russia back in May.

However, it is currently trapped in Germany after being delayed for weeks in Canada due to Ottawa's refusal to release the crucial component as a result of its sanctions against Moscow. Russian energy giant Gazprom has maintained that Western sanctions are impeding the return of the turbine from Germany and jeopardizing future Nord Stream 1 pipeline equipment maintenance. The paperwork for the part's return, according to the corporation, is incorrect because it was generated by Siemens Energy and not the business that has a contract with Gazprom.

According to Gazprom, if the turbine is moved to Russia, there is a chance that Canadian authorities may view this as a violation of contract and refuse to allow additional turbine repair to be done on their soil.

Barely one of the six turbines in Nord Stream 1's pipeline, which transports Russian gas to the EU, is now functioning, thus deliveries last month were only 20 percent of their peak levels. The rest require renovation. In order to supply gas to the EU at full capacity, according to Gazprom, five turbines must be in use. The main cause of supply reductions has been the lost equipment.


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