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Stage 2 loadshedding will be extended to 05:00 on Wednesday.

2020 was the worst year ever for Eskom_SA power cuts CSIR This cannot be the new normal. South Africans should demand their government act with more urgency. It's no longer only about Eskom. We need licence exemptions to liberate private investments in grid-connected power .

Why should we pay for a service we are NOT getting!! Eskom increased the cost to make up for the lack of maintenance in the last 27 yrs and corruption! And the few that do pay are suffering for this!! Nothing maintained in 27 years! This must stop! Enough is enough.

This Loadshedding thing is no longer funny ladies and gentlemen. Eskom is giving excuse after excuse while we remain miserable at this day and age. That pink nose guy should do the honourable thing and resign.

It's going to be extended to whatever date, time, and week they choose. This is no accident. They're making a statement.

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