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" Just Pack And Go " - Watch As South Africans Chase Foreigners Away, Using A New Strategy


A while back, there was a narrative that Immigrants don't take business away from locals, that they create their own. It was further believed that locals benefit from it through employment and services.

The fact is that foreigners are involved in small convenient stores in townships and villages, but are not involved in the wide range of sectors of the township economy.

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For instance, locals monopolize taxis, funeral parlors large retailers, Shisanyama, taverns, restaurants, and construction, while Zimbabweans dominate panel beating, mechanics, plumbing,d electrical connections. Nigerians and Ghanaians are in textiles, fashion, cosmetics and, leasing facilitation. It is thus fair to conclude that the generalization that foreigners impoverish locals by taking business from them is just that, a false narrative.


However, locals do not want to see reason and want foreigners gone, including hawkers who sell vegetables, sweets, fruits, and so forth. In a video that has gone viral, a group of South Africans targetted foreign nationals who have stalls at what looks like Bara taxi rank. They told the foreigners to pack their things, that the stalls belong to South Africans.

Furthermore, they took a video telling them that they will not steal anything from them or even use violence, warned them that they will be at the taxi rank every day so it will be better for them not to come back.


Public's Opinion

The masses are supporting this, saying that the government has failed to prioritize them thus leaving them with no choice but to fight for their country.


Banning foreigners from certain occupations is outdated and will raise constitutional and human rights questions, but if other countries like Zimbabwe are banning immigrants from owning businesses, then why is South Africa not following suit?

South Africa is a mash-up of people moving across Africa, some originating here, others arriving on the shores with history from another civilization, and power in armory and knowledge, and others brought here from far away to work, under terrible circumstances. This is our melting pot. 

To me, the high expectations of freedom and its failure to deliver including curbing the rising inequality that now includes black wealth are the foundation of the increasing violence. And sadly, the current leadership silence.

Content created and supplied by: Sasatjie (via Opera News )

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