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Remember This guy, Take a Look at How His Business is Growing So Far

A guy made rounds oj social media this past year for selling fruits on the side of the road, but the selling of the fruits was not the part that shocked people, rather the way he was dressed and how well groomed he was and how he presented himself to the public and his customers that captured the attention of of the country.

Well the guy seems to be doing very well for himself, its been a year now since he started his business and trended on social media and in all honesty he is a true inspiration to others and real success story. It is reported that the business he started with only R1000 has really grown in just over a year, which goes on to show that hardwork, planning and determination can take you places.

His name is Cpheh Tshibi and he quit his job just before starting the business of selling fruits and the entrepreneur has bout a shipping container to open his own community store. Tweeps have reacted with positivity towards the news and have come forward to congratulate the guy for his achievement and have wished good luck in his business journey.

Here are some of the comments people left behind on his post: very inspiring

“I saw this container being installed at Durban Cato Manor next to the Spar and BP garage. Congrats bro. You’ve got our support in Durban.” – Abdumange Mathy Posho

“Love the professionalism in his business, it will become what you make it out to be in the eyes of the consumer!” – Sihle Majola.

“Epic Brother, wishing you all the success in your new venture on this day and for all the days to come…” – Mohammed Zubair Sadak.

“Absolutely amazing, well done young man. May you grow from strength to strength.” – Alex Msitshana


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Cpheh Tshibi Durban Cato Manor


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