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Opinion tips to save money when drilling water

water is very scare resources in south Africa and the government cant supply the whole of south Africa with pure water so is that is imperative to drilling your own water borehole .many people in south Africa still drink from the streaming with animals.

Drilling water isn't cheap but water is needed and there are some strategies that you can use to drill water with affordable prices .

what i did to save money when drilling water I call the drilling company to drill water borehole, they did give me the whole package quote including installation of water pump steel casing and pvc casings. But I go to NTk just to compare the price of water pump and pvc pipe, I was shocked to learn that the quote they give me on the item above was higher than those of ntk. so my advice is don't take their package just go to the nearest ntk branch or any hardware that sells water pump kit and pvc you will save money.

Below is the drilling company quotes and the ntk quotes.

Drilling company prices

Water pump =15,000

Pvc pipes 6m ×16=11,000

NTK prices

Water pump =5000,00

Pvc pipes 6m×16=4000,00

So instead of paying R26,000 I only paid R9000,00 so it was cheaper in that way.

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Please after reading your inputs is much appreciated

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