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Opinion - Mr Thabo Mbeki is the person who put ANC in this mess


Thabo Mbeki sold Telkom, Iscor, Sasol, Ilembe District Water. He collapsed nursing colleges, teaching colleges, agricultural colleges.

He collapsed artisans and technical colleges for bricklaying, motor mechanics, painting, plumbing, electronics, welding etc.

More than 200 factories in Dimbaza in EC collapsed, factories in Butterworth in the former Transkei collapsed under his administration. Ncora and Qamata Irrigation Schemes in Cofimvaba in the EC collapsed under his administration. Majola & Magwa tea estates in OR Tambo District collapsed under his administration. The textile industry collapsed under his administration.

Now, how many jobs were permanently lost, how many lives were permanently destroyed, how many skills were permanently destroyed and how many were created after the deaths of these industries?

Today South Africans can't even fix a radio, there's no mechanics, no bricklayers, no hairdressers, no tailors, no plant and animal technicians...South Africans depend on foreigners for basic skills. Before you talk about unemployment and youth unemployment, first look at the root cause.

Today, for nursing and teaching you have to enroll in universities but yet no more universities were built to accommodate the demand, no proper funding was provided, entry to universities remained steep. Today South Africans are unemployable.

And then he said; "Vuku'zenzele"...! Exactly, who destroyed South Africa? Before we even get to what Cyril Ramapauser has done, we can't ignore the above. Because Cyril Ramapauser has carried on from somewhere, he has created his own mess.

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