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Prices going higher for Drivers tonight.

All drives around South Africa are advised on social media to fill their petrol since it would be going up this midnight

Petrol will be going up 40 and 43 cents per litre.

Diesel will increase by 54 cents a litre and illuminating paraffin will go up by 50 cents a litre.

Some people were raising concerns about the increase during lockdown where people struggle alot for this pandemic.

"How can the oil price be going up? Where is the demand? How many countries are still having lockdowns?speculation should be outlawed on oil." A comment on social media

It is reported that the prices are still lower than they were a year ago.

The latest increase sees the inland price of a litre of 93 petrol rising to R14.69 and 95 petrol tp R14.86. A year ago, the price of 93 petrol was R15.84 and 95 was R16.16.

In Free State drivers are already in petrol garages to fill before prices changes.

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