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What Happened To Edwin Sodi Assets?

Sodi and his company were awarded a R25.5 million contract through a joint venture to identify and remove asbestos from the roofs of houses in the province.

On 22 December 2014, a few days before Christmas, the Provincial Ministry of Human Settlements (FSHS) transferred 20 million rupees to a joint venture account established by Edwin Sodis Blackhead Consulting and Igo Mpambani Diamond Hill Trade [71], the first of eight payments received by FSHS by the joint venture.

The State Capture Commission heard that Blackhead Consulting owner Edwin Sodi paid 650,000 rupees to the former head of the State Housing Authority, Nthimotse Mokhesi, after buying a property worth 1.6 million rupees in Bloemfontein, while Thabane Zulu was given a 600,000 rupee deposits for a luxury SUV by Blackhead Consulting.    Show Source Texts

When the unit tried to raise 300 million rupees - 255 million rupees plus interest of 45 million rupees - Sodi and his companies Blackhead Consulting, Bryanston and Joburg Co were accused of returning the money to the state treasury.

Sodi was one of seven people who jumped ship for the money, which was supposed to be used in 2014 to free the state for an asbestos project that never took place. Due to high levels of corruption, Sodi has had the bulk of his 300 million rupees fortune confiscated.    Show Source Texts

Their Bae, Edwin Sodi, was linked to a multi-million rand asbestos testing contract signed in 2014 to release the state Department of Human Settlement for a project to test 36,000 low-cost homes in the province.

The arrest came just days after Sodi - the director of one of the five firms, Blackhead Consulting - appeared before a commission of inquiry into allegations of state capture, where he was questioned about payments to ANC officials and prominent politicians.

In a speech to the State Capture Commission on Tuesday, Sodi defended several payments his companies had made over the years to ANC government officials as they continued to receive millions of dollars in government contracts.    Show Source Texts

The Falcons arrested several people, including prominent businessman Edwin Sodi, in the alleged theft of more than 200 million rupees from the Ministry of Human Settlements of the Free State under the disguise of an asbestos test in the province.

AFU raids Sodi and Blackhead Consulting, seizing assets including red Ferraris, Porsches and Ferraris owned by the Sodi brothers, were seized and brought to safety on Tuesday by the African National Union (ANC).    Show Source Texts

According to a News24 report, the frozen assets include several luxury cars owned by businessman Edwin Sodi and his Blackhead Consulting firm, including a Rolls-Royce Ghost, a Porsche Cayenne coupe and a Bentley Continental convertible.

Soft tycoon Edwin Sodi has amassed a fleet of luxury cars. A white Bentley, a red Ferrari Sport Car and a black Porsche Cayenne owned by Sodi have been added to the Asset Forfeiture Unit in Bryanston, Johannesburg along with his company Blackhead.    Show Source Texts

The Falcons arrested businessman and ANC benefactor Edwin Sodi and a Johannesburg company in what some journalists saw as a Hollywood-style arrest. "I was in the debate on Twitter yesterday when the Hawks confiscated R300 million worth of property from South African multi-millionaire and director of Blackhead Consultants, Edwin Sodi, on corruption charges.

After Sodi Mokhesi finished his testimony before the Zondo Commission, the Directorate of Priority Crime Investigation (DPCI) grabbed on Zulu Sodi and idntained him along with Bernice Maune on charges of procurement fraud and corruption.    Show Source Texts

South African fashion influencer Kefilwe Mabote spoke out after South African business tycoon Edwin Sodi was arrested and his cars and property confiscated. An influencer and fashion model, she reacted to hatred by beating her up after losing her Porsche to the National Prosecuting Authority after Hawks impounded her boyfriend Edwin Sodi's luxury car.

She is a family in the spotlight and the girlfriend of South African businessman and accountant Edwin Sodi, but she likes to keep information about her private life out of the public eye.    Show Source Texts

Luxurious social media influencer and fashion star Kefilwe Mabote has found herself on top of Twitter's trending list after the seizure of assets belonging to her alleged boyfriend, businessman Edwin Sodi.

The name of Kefalwe, which was on the lips of many people since it is believed that one of their luxury sports cars was seized in the recent seizure of assets, has joined Facebook to connect with others you may know. Along with her, Mihlali Ndamase has also responded to claims that he had an affair with Kefali's wealthy friend Edwin.    Show Source Texts

Kefilwe Mabote used a taxi to get to her luxury Porsche, which was taken today by Hawks, as part of the authorities' efforts to recover money from South African multi-millionaire businessman Edwin Sodi, director of Blackhead Consultants. But now the fashionista has been dragged into a difficult situation after Sodi's assets were seized.    Show Source Texts

The way businessmen and ANC benefactors such as Edwin Sodi have been arrested has been criticised by ANC leaders, including General Secretary Ace Magashule, who suspect they are being treated equally by law enforcement.

Sodi and others have been accused by some of Mastertrades owner Sello Sydney of being behind the seizure of Radebe's assets. While confirmed asbestos looters reserved only a small portion of the funding for the project, the investigation is further underpinned by the bluster at the heart of corrupt government contracts: Radebe, Sodi, and Mpambani bought Ferraris, Bentleys and upscale real estate with their asbestos wealth, while thousands of poor people in the Free State continued to be exposed to dangerous materials that should have been removed from their homes.    Show Source Texts

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