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Do reapplication for R350 SASSA GRANT NOW for April 2022 to start pending, check the steps below

The waiting is now over. The R350 SASSA beneficiaries can do reapplication so that their status for April 2022 can appear and show pending. Some people use the Moya app to apply but some prefer to use chrome as it has show to have less complications, when compared to Moya app. After applying again it finally show April month.

One can use the link below to apply: and use chrome. Follow the neccessary steps and you will have to confirm your banking details after that you can check your status and April will appear.

Other people they say the citizens should learn to practice patience as the President Cryil Ramaphosa have not said that people need to reapply for the grant. Some came up with different sources where the information of re application was being distributed such as UkhoziFM and eNCA. Other citizens are still hesitant on whether they should reapply or wait for the 25th so that they can have a way forward on what they have to do.


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