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OPINION| Mnangagwa is Now Old Enough to Take the Zimbabwean Economy Forward

As Mnangagwa celebrated his 79th birthday, I would like to say this, all Africans particularly Zimbabweans the land of our birth. When are we going to be aware of that who ever is in Africa nowadays from West or East, China especially they are right here to take advantage of our sources and our people

We can't hold on being played we are buyers and we accept it with no questions. If these who are calling them traders especially in mining sectors are doing it with the concept of making Africa incredible why are they assembling purification centres, of the uncooked materials they explore in Africa in their domestic countries. They have huge reserves of uncooked sources exploited in Africa which we don't have in our countries

Our leaders are over excited that they forgot one day these raw assets they are giving out free of cos,t to the Caucasian and Chinese are going to extinct and will pay extra than double the charge we are giving them today. These African leaders are over excited when they get pay cheques into respective administration debts, of their governments however by no means think of what we occur tomorrow when our copper deposits, chrome deposits, uranium deposits, platinum deposits, gold deposits, diamond deposits and many more precious minerals are dry barring having any reserves for the day they will extinct.

All of these nations looting them out of Africa have reserves of minerals they do not have deposits in their domestic countries. Africans the place are we going or we do not love our land. All a long time we have in independence if our leaders have black agenda of making Africa fantastic we must have been greater than all European or Chinese international locations, because as African continent we got everything however we have leaders with no imaginative and prescient of wonderful African continent.

The easy message to our leaders is quit the exploitation of our minerals via the Americans, Europeans and Chinese. Stop them from looting African resources posing as traders let them carry all manufacturing factories in our own international locations, and export finished merchandise to them like they are doing when they are buying and selling with us. I by no means see any raw cloth heading into Africa for Africans to process and make finished products by means of themselves, until it's for the mining area where they ship it to make the most our minerals.

We say no to exploitation of African sources through imbalanced exchange which is robbing Africans and benefitting those posing, as traders even as they exploit our minerals. We say no to Chinese invasion in our lands with no desirable agenda of reworking black people's lives, but lootings only

Exporting million tonnes of our raw substances from Africa is exporting hundreds of thousands of jobs possibilities for African natives, and tomorrow you are saying what are we going to do to reduce unemployment charge in Africa. To all those who are in African governments please you letting kids of Africa, down through signing imbalanced change offers with these posing as buyers in Africa.

We are going to begin a hostilities with those who hold on selling our international locations to the Chinese, even as we have huge minerals but our human beings are in poverty. We condemn all the evil movements which makes our people to be beggars, when the nation have minerals which can preserve themselves if acceptable measures are put in place. Enough is sufficient if you can't control it supply it to us and we can do some thing for ourselves

China is not here to save us, it is here to serve itself, the same with the West too, the problem is when we lack the intellect to understand that and react emotionally. Everything happening to us has happened to others before through the passage of time, it is how they handled it that differs with us

It's always tit for tat, I mean you can't expect enhancement from the West or China without them benefiting some how unless if it's charity. They are the two biggest economies in the world so we need them one way or the other, however, what is really needed is leaders who know what they are doing

Having the ability of making lucrative trade deals which attracts investments, build our economy and improve our infrastructure and lively hood, would be a good start and no one in Zanu PF possesses those qualities in my opinion I'm afraid. It has proven to be a big mountain to climb as they selfish means to retain power has attracted sanctions, and restricted their ability to accomplish things that matter. Absolutely nothing else can come from Zanu PF apart from more ZUPCO buses

And what's worse about Chinese they'll never develop any infrastructure, for instance check their industries or companies you can clearly see that their buildings are temporary

There's nothing good with the Chinese when it comes to business partnership, all they want is to suck your resources, chines never loved black people, R G Mugabe once remarked, there are those with very sharp eyes. Who wish all we have was theirs, Chinese wish our diamonds was theirs, our land was theirs

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