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Black Coffee gets dragged in Maphorisa and Shimza saga

Chats between Maphorisa and Shimza surfaced through social media. Black Coffee tweeted a screenshot of chats between Shimza and Maphorisa. "Outi yaka bothata bo kae because you even stopped responding to my texts and never respond to my calls. Ko yentseng sesi kana" a text from Shimza directed at Maphorisa.

Maphorisa's response to the text was" you know we blood but this thing ya closing doors to young kids its not growing the culture, i have been watching you doing it for the longest time. So you need to change it we can't be bo Black Coffee again that's my problem "

Phori thats what am building right now ka KUNYE and you can see le wena, we've always been everybody for himself because of how things have been done but ra phusha nou, I am in the forefront of pushing the sound to grow it and you can see. I try by all means to collaborate le vathi but people keep dragging their feet, only now that they see we have a movement thats growing they starting to move and show interest. You have hungry boys who want to work all the time and that's the difference" Shimza added.

DJ Black Coffee shared the conversation on a post on Twitter and captioned " When it comes to investing back into the culture, how much is enough... maybe we should start a space and discuss such with Maphorisa and Shimza"

Well.Shimza has already availed himself and has confirmed it with a comment on Black Coffee tweet.

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