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Maple gives analysis on how South Africa Media reports news see what SA says

How South Africans Media Report's New 

Jacob Zuma: I love Coca-Cola

Mail & Guardian: Zuma Declares War on Fanta

The Star: Zuma Sabotaging Production of Fruit Juice

The Citizen: Is This the End of Drinking Water 

Daily Sun: Will Sprite Survive the Onslaught by Zuma, Cyril Ramaphosa: I love Coca-Cola? 

Daily Maverick: Ramaphosa Saves Coca-Cola Company From The Brink of Bankruptcy, mainstream media, South Africans enjoy and love soft drinks.

Mainstream media, Coca-Cola invented R500, billions to re-build South Africa. Karyn Tweet: “Zuma's reckless statement has led to Oros cutting down staff and people loosing Jobs", Retweets from Redi and Eusebius with message "Gupta at it again” South African media. Today an entire airline is sold for R51, and it's all good and well….after 5yrs of engagement while he was busy entertaining sides in their lavish mansion. It is rumored Coca-Cola knew, but still decided to stick beside him. Daily Maverick: Scorpio can reveal how a coke intended for WC supposedly landed in Nkandla. It's all about pushing narrative and misleading those who are gullible and naive.

So accurate, Sunday World Coca-Cola paid billions to Zuma. No ending on this one.

Meanwhile," the foundation spokesperson has vehemently denied that HE our patron discussed preferences on fizzy drinks. He likened this as another attempt by counter revolutionary forces aided by WMC to tarnish the good image of HE” Rating agencies: coca-cola will no longer be a premium beverage it’s now drowning there down with the likes of jive and sweet. Then there may be opinion pieces under titles such as: I thirst for the truth about the Gupta’s pillaging not for Zuma‘s Coke … if you thought the fire pool led to a drought of South Africa’s public purse, wait until you find out about the Zuma’s craving for sugar drinks. 


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