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A Post That States That Zimbabwe Banned Foreign Nationals From Opening Tuckshops Goes Viral

In South Africa, many foreign nationals who have come from their own countries for much better employment opportunities and also better living conditions because in the countries they come from, they are very disadvantaged and there is a lack of opportunities, which results in the people living in extreme poverty.

And South Africa has been very open in welcoming foreign nationals and also welcoming them to become citizens if that is what they want. Many foreign nationals in South Africa have opened their own small businesses, some of which have grown to become bigger businesses in every community in South Africa. There are foreigners who opened tuckshops. These tuckshops were first opened by South Africans in their own communities until foreign nationals came and did the exact same thing, which led to many South Africans losing business.

For many years, many South Africans were not happy with the fact that foreign nationals were able to come into the country and get opportunities and even create opportunities for themselves. Many South Africans have complained that foreign nationals are considered first when it comes to employment opportunities by businesses and the country's citizens are lacking employment opportunities.

Citizens have also stated that they do not want foreign nationals to have businesses in their communities and want businesses to be owned by the people of the country, and when South Africans always state how they feel about foreign nationals in the country, people from outside the country always refer to them as xenophobic.

But a post went viral that allegedly said that in Zimbabwe and Botswana, foreign nationals are not allowed to open tuck shops and get employment opportunities that are meant for citizens. In this country, foreign nationals will be considered last when it comes to being given opportunities.

The post left too many in shock that in countries where many of their citizens are in South Africa, they are allowed to do whatever they want as foreign nationals, but in their country's foreign nationals are given an equal opportunity.

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