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Finally Sassa gives answers

People have been complaining about their statuses not being approved or being declined wrongfully, while those who are approved have been waiting for payment dates.

Many people are still waiting for August payment as well as this month's payment, judging by how Sassa operated on the first rollout of the Unemployment grant,people may get double payment or get August payment and get this month's payment next month, it all depends on how Sassa operates.

Now that, Dates are showing, people will then know they are waiting on something that has all the details.

On the 20th of this month, other people will get paid and while that may be, others aren't happy because they have been declined, however they are allowed to make an appeal and write a statement as to why, they feel they have been wrongfully declined.

The grant has been rolling for two months now since it's come back and we don't know when will it end.

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