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South Africans On Twitter Are Deciding To Sell Their Kidneys After Seeing How Much They Cost


In these trying times that we are living in, it is certain that everyone wants money. After all some people are still unemployed after losing their jobs during the on going Covid-19 pandemic. It seems that in order to make a living in these days, you have to go digital, one has to acquire skills that will help them make a living online. For example, I'm using Opera News Hub as a way to put food on the table.

It's not everyone who will invest their time trying to learn a new skill. Everyone wants to take a short cut in order to be successful or rich without putting in the grind. This leads to some people selling their souls, but that's a topic for another day.

There was a post shared on Twitter which has captured the attention of many South Africans. The post reveals the amount of money one would get should they decide to sell their internal organs. Many South Africans jokingly considered selling their kidneys because they have the most value. Another reason was that it's possible for the human body to function with one kidney. That's true, but then one's life wouldn't be the same as you have to take extra caution has to what you eat and drink due to having only one kidney.

It's surprising how an eye only costs R20. I would have expected it to be much more higher but then I guess once an eye is removed, it can't be used to give a blind person sight.

If one decides to sell their internal organ to a hospital, it's not looked down upon, but when one decides to offer their internal organ to a traditional healer, it's looked down upon. What are your thoughts on this matter? Be sure to leave your thoughts in the comments. Please like, share and help News.info20 reach 5 000 followers. Thank you.

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