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The Ugly Side Of Kasi Real-Estate.

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With the state of our economy and the corruption in government, more and more people are coming up with ways to earn a comfortable living. The most popular idea to earn an income is through rentals, building back rooms is the most profitable business model in South African townships. Many millionaires of this world have built their wealth trough real-estate.

A 12 back room building in Alexander township, rented for R1, 500 per room will yield an income of R18, 000 monthly. Sounds like a dream right, but all of this can quickly turn into a nightmare when you lease your property to people who careless about hygiene and are messy. Every landlord hopes that tenants will take care of the property throughout their tenancy. After all, a good landlord will ensure that a home is safe and comfortable for the tenants, and it’s only fair the same consideration is shown in return. Mess, of all things, can turn a tenancy sour, even outdoor mess can cause problems with your neighbours. 

Your property is likely your biggest investment, and you want to keep it in good shape. As a landlord you will naturally be concerned about the upkeep of your property, but some tenants do not take care of where they live, and it can be difficult to keep your mind from wondering whether or not the people living in your property are looking after it in the way you'd like. See below the ugly side of kasi real estate. 

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