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R350 Grant| Good News And Bad News For South Africans. Here Is What You Need To Know

R350 Grant| Good News And Bad News For South Africans. HERE Is What You Need To Know



The Soutb African government is trying by all.means to make sure SA citizens get the R350 Covid-19 SRD Grant as they promised. It is no lie that there was endless excitement when the president of South Africa announced the extension of the R350 sassa grant. The R350 is awarded to unemployed people in the country who have been unemployed. Many people have been starving over the past few months due to the fact that the grant has been paused or terminated. It's a good news to those applicants who was approved the first phase of the grant.

The cou try is living in poor, it's no longer a secrets as everyone can see more special during the looting that recently took place in KwaZulu-Natal and Gauteng. It is true that a majority of South Africans are unemployed and need financial assistance in order to survive tough times such as these ones of the pandemic. The applications of the grant have been open since last month August now but we have some bad news and good news for applicants. They say it's always wise to start with the good news.

For the past few weeks back, South African people have been complaining about the difficulties of applying for the new sassa grant as the system has been having problems. Many people their applications could not be approved due to certain reasons such as "debtor", "other income found", "alternative income" or "uif registered".

Applications who have been declined due to this reasons can now appearl again clicking on reconsideration. If your application was declined for any period and you had zero income in the preceding month, you may submit an application for reconsideration by going on SASSA website.

Approved applicants of the special COVID-19 SRD grant can now collect their grants from @PicknPay and Boxer superstores nationwide from Wed, 22 September 2021. The South African Post Office (SAPO) has announced that approved recipients of the R350 Social Relief of Distress (SRD) grant can now collect their benefit from Pick n Pay and Boxer at your nearest stores nationwide.

It good news to those who have already been approved but but news to those who have been rejected. At first when President announced the grant he said that even people who are receiving their child grant will also benefits. But according to their explanation on the declined status, it seems like it's difficult to get R350 Grant. Those who have been declined due to "alternative sources " it means that those applicants won't be approved as they have other source of income. I heard on the radio when one of SASSA people where being interviewed regarding this matter. Those who have other source of income it's because they are receiving other income of amount of R595 per months.

So if your status says "alternative income" it means that.

If you have any question regarding your status or anything you would like to know just leave a comment we will get back to you.

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