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Did You Know Fabiani Is A Foschini Subsidiary

Fabiani is a know clothing brand that has quality clothes and it has one of the most expensive clothes in the world. The luxary of the clothes is out of this world, there is one thing you don't know about Fabiani

Fabiani it is a subsidiary company of foschini and it falls in the TFG (The Foschini Group). So basically the production and processing of the good will pass by foschini before they are sent to the market. Foschini own certain Percents in the company.

The TFG Account allowa customers to take lay-by's at Fabiani and G-STAR RAW at an affordable prices or even qualify for discounts that this shops offer.

A lot of people who wear Fabiani often use the foschini Account to pay for their clothes, this saves them money and they still get to wear their favourite clothes and the quality of clothes they want and desire.

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