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If SIU Conducted This Exercise Long Time Ago, This Country Could Have Been Far Economically


The SIU is busy these days, long may it continue until we recover most of the stolen funds, even those hidden in Dubai must be brought back. And Hawks and NPA must do their job too so that those people who are in the wrong can be arrested, prosecuted and convicted

We all knew about this since 2010 when Jacob Zuma took Duduzani with him on a state trip to China, and it's was later said that Duduzani scored a huge contract with Chinese company for locomotive between Durban and JHB and also Mpumalanga. It's not a surprise Ramaphosa also presided in the same government over this corrupt activities, nothing unique about him

The biggest question is who approved the payments, who has authority to pay out these high amounts, how does something like this happen when we have an Auditor General?

If SIU did conducted this exercise long during Gupta era this country could have been far economically, now they act swiftly and energetically unfortunately the mess is unbearable, they should just have a SIU department at all soe’s, before a tender is awarded they complete all the checks and balances to make sure it’s going to a credible company, this way is waste of time and money, prevention is always better than cure

I still cant believe the 500 billion for covid disappeared into thin air, without a trace under their nose, this unit is working hard, hope you do more than this and freeze, expose and hand over to NPA to prosecute, your overtime would be rewarded guys dont give up

I will only take them(SIU) seriously once they investigate the looting of Covd 19 funds R500bn and R70bn, and why go for the low hanging fruits instead of arresting the whole band of thugs right from top to bottom, but who ever is a whistle blower in this case must RIP in advance or tenderpreneurs cadres are at war with, snitches according to their language, economic sabotage

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