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An Easy Way To Apply For An RDP House In South Africa

We all wish to have our own houses one-day but it is not everyone that affords to buy or build his own house. Getting an RDP house makes things easier and the good part is that RRP houses are free. 

The following list will let you know whether you qualify for an RDP house or not. You must: 

• Be a citizen of South Africa

• Earn less than R3,500 a month

• Be able to understand and enter into contracts

• Living with a partner, married or single with dependants. 

If you meet all the requirements, please follow the steps provided below to apply for an RDP house. These steps will help you begin the application process: 

Step 1 

Make sure you have the following documents: Valid South African ID including your spouse's if you are married, a payslip if you are working and certified copies of your children's birth certificates. Attach all relevant documents to your application form. 

Step 2

Go to your local municipality or Department of Humman Settlement and ask for an application form. If both these places are far from where you live, you can also go to your ward councillor or call the Department of Humman Settlement on 0800 146 873.

After you have filled in the form, submit it at your municipality or the Department of Humman Settlement. Don't forget to thank me once you get your house. 

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