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Counterfeit Snuff discovered in Gauteng

Illegal Snuff packaging facility was uncovered in Orange Farm Gauteng, this is just one of many counterfeit cases that are happening is South Africa. A lot of Products in our be loved country are faked by people who are greedy and want to make money out of peoples brands.

Some people ague and say there was no need for the people to be arrested, well here is the definition of counterfeit it means the imitation of something authentic with the intention to destroy or replace the original, for Use in illegal transactions, or to deceive people into believing that the fake product is equal to the original product. Counterfeit products are fake and unauthorized replicants of original products and it is a crime in South Africa.

One person commented and said what makes the Snuff counterfeit is only the packaging because they grew up buying Snuff for their grannies in peoples houses. Therefore there is no problem with the Snuff as far as she knows. Some people further said that the Snuff does not taste the same, she further added that she only buys her Snuff in retail store only not in corner stores. One also commented and said " our grandmothers will end up smoking drugs mistakenly judging by these many counterfeit products".


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