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You bought that thing for R12 000 and then you leave it outside at night people react to this post

Starting a business it's not easy, that's why they say when you want to have a successful business, sometimes it's good to just keep quiet and not tell people because you might end up not doing something you planned to do because people will have their opinions that can end up making feel like what you are doing Its wrong.

People don't understand that for someone to start a business and to have a successful business you need to spend money. You can't make money if you don't want to spend money. That's why you will find that a lot of successful business owners don't like fancy things, its because they learned when they were still started that, you need to save money to make money, which means you need to put money into your business for it to become a successful business.

Just a few days ago, a guy by the name of Dr. MuVenda took to his social media account to ask people to assist him with money as he wanted to buy a brick-making machine and promised that he will create employment through hiring.

And lucky enough people came through for him, people like PI Phakathi donated some money to his business and many more people, the money was enough for him to buy the brick-making machine which costs R12 000. So yesterday he bought the machine. So today he shared again that he woke up at 4 am to check if his machine was still there.

But people started dragging him saying he bought that thing for R12 000 and the decision to leave it outside.

I guess it's true when they say people on social media are toxic, when the guy was asking for donations they didn't say anything. Now that he got the donation and decided to do what he wanted to do people are being negative and saying all the wrong things just to make him feel bad. The purpose of asking for money for donations was so he can buy the machine and it's none of one's business if that machine cost him R12 000 he knows that it will bring him more money.

It was better if they said all these things before he got the money. You will only find out that none out of all those people who are talking donated anything for him to buy this machine to expand his business.

I guess that's the reason why he was even rude, in answering all the negative answers. When someone is doing well in life let us learn to congratulate them and stop with the negative answers as if he did something wrong.

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