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Social media react after viewing how Ausi Moipone spent her millions


Time really fly, not so long ago the country stood still after Mzansi Magic introduce a show called ' I blew it's. Viewers couldn't understand how some people get to blow up millions in a short period of time. Until they got the opportunity to listen to deal story from individuals who lost it all. A lady said to be from Free State shared her story revealing that she wasted her millions unaware that she is wasting until she lost it all. People who watched her interview with Mzansi Magic were left in shock only to demand answers about her spending now. Today social media users gathered again to share some views about Ausi Moipone's money spending. Lady trusted fake friends when it comes to her money, she bought and gave out a lot to people who are now far from her. The money she won from lottery was over within a period of one year. All the cars gone, Making her the worst money spender social media does not forget about

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