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Making money ONLINE for SOUTH AFRICANS via SURVEYS (I have been paid as proof).

10 min read (worth it)

Surely you saw the title and thought, WOW, another scam? And almost scrolled past, but you're reading you're interested in what I have to share. Worry not, I am not about to waste your time telling you about a scam (Ps: scammers don't tell you about their scam, they just go straight to scamming you). The boiling question you must have is how and what is she on about? Well, slow your roll, I will tell you all about it in detail and once you start participating in the surveys I will mention, please come back to this post and comment about your experience and leave any burning questions you may have. With technology advancing faster than we can comprehend, seeing stuff such as ways to make money online shouldn't be a shocker, its 2021 okes, we have robots co-existing with us. Although many scammers thrive of these new ways to make money online, I am here to make sure you don't fall victim to that. Anyway, now that we've got some logistics out the way and you're willing to give me the benefit of the doubt, let's get straight to it. Before I share the surveys, I have to share some basic information. Its not boring, I promise

What are surveys?

Simply put, surveys are a list of questions aimed for extracting specific data from a particular group of people. Many companies and researchers conduct surveys to get information on a particular topic. Simple right?

WHAT do I need to start conducting surveys online?

1. A device to actually take the surveys. By device I mean a laptop, phone or tablet (or all of them).

2. Internet access. I know, I know, data prices are crazy but you need an internet connection to BE online. By internet connection I mean wifi, data bundles etc.

3. You NEED to have an email account. This one is easy to set up if you don't have one, just type "how to create a gmail account" on Google and follow the steps.

4. You NEED to have a Paypal acoount. Because most of the surveys sites I will mention are international, they pay in international currency eg. American dollar and British pound. Paypay is a common payment method and easy to set up, if you want me to write an artical on how to set it up and link it to your SA bank account, let me know in the comment section! Dont be left in the dark, I am here to help.

5. Time. As lame as this sounds, you need time to do surveys because you have to read and answer multiple choice questions. They vary from 5 minutes to 30 minutes long, so time is very important!

WHO can do the surveys?

Anyone. However, the ones that I will speak about (and most of them) require you to be 18 years and older. Please do not lie about your age, it will catch up to you and you will be banned permanently from the sites (I tried this before and I was indeed banned - I had to try and see so you wont make the same mistake as me, don't judge lol).

Do I have to be EMPLOYED or UNEMPLOYED to do the surveys?

Well, either or, all you really need is time. Time to do the survey when one is open for you. Doing surveys is a direct pay for your time. So to be paid you need..? Time. Correct! Be it during the day, at night, all day or just whenever you actually get time lol. But no, employment status is not a qualifying criteria.

DO I share my banking detail?

Big fat NO! Never share your bank details online unless you trust the source you're sharing with. All you need is all the things I've mentioned above and thats it. DO NOT share your banking details with any site online.

DO I have to pay to start surveys?

NO!! You will NOT be asked to make any deposit to start making money via the survey sites I will share. Never pay anywhere to make money, thats a classic redflag for a scam.

Alright, I've shared the most general important information before you start, quite a bit to grasp so I will stop here and in my next article I will share my top 5 survey sites that have made me money to this point. With each site I will detail the pros and cons further requirements (if any). Stay tuned!

Please LiKE, COMMENT any questions and compliments lol and SHARE this article if you enjoyed it my sunshines🌻. Your engagement is important to me.

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