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SASSA explains what will happen to April, May pending applications for R350 SRD grant

After a two-month delay, SASSA has resumed sending out the R350 SRD award. Midway through the month of June, SASSA announced that they would begin producing new episodes. Unsurprisingly, SASSA was dependable in their duties, as they started producing episodes on June 22nd, 2022. Most people who are entitled to the SASSA R350 award have already received their critical-time June recognition parts. What will happen with award segments as April and June draw near for beneficiaries, regardless of the solicitation?

For the month of June, SASSA was aware that the focus was on the honor application components. Right when everybody has been paid they will return to the multi month being proposed and ensure that those looming application are being dealt with by the design. Accepted individuals will get compensation for their outstanding contributions. The brain will not be divided there, so the receivers may receive more than one chunk in a month.

As for the honor halt and direct check process typical of the Auditor-General, SASSA said that, despite their sorrow for the non-participation of so many honor beneficiaries for the last multi-month, it was necessary.

They have reiterated that everything is in order at this time and that they are not interested in a rational explanation for why this would lead to award suspensions. They moreover made a move to counsel honor beneficiaries not to put their data through web-based entertainment as they subjected themselves to the wager of being deceived.


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