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4 Simple Ways to purify and cleanse your house from evil/negative energy

Getting in habit of getting rid of negative energy that surrounds us can make our lives less heavier and more bright. It is very easy for energy to build up and bring a person down, our space tends to accumulate negative energy caused by either certain emotions and human experiences or specific details in the space structure itself. Our homes is where we are suppose to feel safe, comfortable and be able to unwind and relax,however we may find that we get a feeling of anxiety and stress. Below I will share 4 Simple ways of banishing negative energy from your home. 

1. Burn Incense and Sage/Impepho

The burning of incense has been used for decades, it still has a place in many spiritual and religious rituals in cultures around the world.  

Sage comes in several varieties , the most commonly used Sage in our culture /South Africa is Impepho, which is mostly used to communicate with the ancestors, they are made up of essential plants which help get rid of negative energy, to help you relax and unwind.

Americans and other indigenous peoples have burned sage for centuries as part of a spiritual ritual to cleanse a person or space, and to promote healing and wisdom. You simple need to light the corner of the bundle and light it out, allow the smoke to reach every corner of the room, remember to keep windows open so that the negative energy can find an escape. 

2. Sprinkle sea salt and water around the house

Salt is traditionally considered to be a cleansing element, it has the ability to remove negative energy, no wonder that you feel so great after going for a swim in the sea or the ocean. If you’re near the ocean, consider collecting a bowl of fresh salt water,Otherwise, mix a tablespoon of sea, rock, or table salt into a bowl of water and sprinkle around your house. You can also place salt line around the parameters of your house to protect it against evil spirits. 

3. Light up some candles in each room 

Candles are very strong channels of communication when it comes to the spiritual realm. Light a white candle in each room to cleanse and purify your home. White candles are typically used in rituals where the user is seeking harmony and peace. Because the colour white is thought to be a neutral colour, it is associated with light and purity. White candles are also associated with protection and very effective in attracting positive energy.

4. Houseplants 

Plants may be most often used to decorate a home or workspace, but most people don’t realize that certain ones can also be used to rid an area of negative energy. Plants are incredible and very powerful, houseplants do not only purify your house but can also refresh the energy in your home. There are certain plants which are great in removing negative energy, such as Aloe Vera. This succulent plant combats bad luck and negative energy and is known for cleaning air and reducing toxic chemicals, they are easy to find and to care for. 

Your home should be your safe haven the place where you feel relaxed, happy, and at peace. Do not let troublesome spirits and negative energies to reside in your house, I trust the above mentioned techniques will help you banish them. 


Thokoza 🙏

Content created and supplied by: GogoMathonsi (via Opera News )

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