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Cooking Oil Prices In Zimbabwe

Just when you think the situation in Zimbabwe can't get worse, it's gets even worser.

Zimbabwe has been facing an economic crisis since 2008, making it 13 years since their economy collapsed.

The rates of inflation are also super high, and a a cause for concern.

Just a 2 litre bottle of cooking oil is going around 600 bond, which is equivalent to about $4.5 that equates to almost R70.

The price might not seems bad, however because of the economic situation, most individuals are unemployed or they are earning less than R2000 per month.

Because of the economic situation in Zimbabwe, most Zimbabweans have had to move away from home, to find a means of survavil.

The political part played such a big role in the Downfall of the country and they are not willing to take the blame and make changes, now the citizens of Zimbabwe have to suffer for the bare minimum.

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