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The Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe to produce gold coins

Statutory instrument xyz of 2023 all holders of gold coins must surrender their coins on a day not later than 30 June 2023, failure to do so will result in forfeiture of coins and prison term not less than two years, if you know you know because they won't use gold as they only use it for smuggling with the likes of that Rushwaya woman. During inclusive government the exchange was being between Rand and USD zim had no currency by that time, all civil servants were being paid USD and majority of them managed to borrow loans from banks and repay them the problem is that the government does not want to accept what the real problem isSo in some words they are accepting that they cannot create a stable currency after the whole 42 years in governance experience, interesting idea but it will only work if the gold coins are sold directly to the public and at a fair price, otherwise there will be no buy in the main problem is the lack of trust and if their idea is to issue the gold coins on paper, then they are wasting their time and should go back to the drawing board we can agree on everything else but not on our money guys. Mangudya and Mtuli are on free transfer I do not think they will get another employment when they leave office

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