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Here are 3 Crypto Currency scams being used by criminals online. Opinion.

Crypto Currencies have been rising in popularity for a while now, leading to many people who may have heard about it wanting to invest. Unfortunately many of these people haven't done a lot of research on Crypto Currencies and the market surrounding it, leading to opportunistic scammers taking advantage of them. Below I will tell you about three Crypto Currency scams and how to avoid them.

Investment Scams :

Crypto Currency investment Scams is one of the more common ones that occur. Usually what would happen is that someone will promise to invest your money in Crypto Currency. However when they have it they will disappear with it.

However it's not just people running this scam, sometimes companies will offer there investors tokens for their money. However once they take the money they won't deliver on there promise.

Romance Scams :

Unfortunately Criminals are even using love to scam people. Dating applications are overrun with these scams. One statistic says that between October 2020 to March 2021, about twenty percent of the money lost in romance Scams was sent by crypto currency to fake accounts.

Fake Crypto Currency applications :

Finally some scammers advertise fake applications that have some connection to Crypto Currency. Unfortunately these are criminals just trying to steal your data or money. They attract people by offering free coins for signing up or by promising to double your investment but you should not be fooled by their promises.

How to avoid these Scams :

First and foremost you should never send money to people online to invest for you, these people cannot be trusted no matter what they offer you. If you are thinking of investing the money you should rather do the research and find legitimate companies to invest in yourself.

Furthermore, you shouldn't be sending anything to people who you meet online for a romantic relationship, these could be just scammers posing as potential lovers.

Finally don't download applications that deal with Crypto Currency unless they are developed by legitimate companies with a trustworthy reputation.

What do you think of these observations, tell me in the comments section and follow for more Crypto Currency news as it happens.

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Crypto Currency Romance Scams


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