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Only 11% of investors left Crypto Market instead of the expected 70%

Concerning the cryptocurrency market, there was a lot of negative sentiments that were expected as the worst decline was predicted which was reportedly that 70% of the cryptocurrency investors will leave the market, but instead of that figure it was merely just 11% of investors who pulled off from this market.

As indicated on U today's article determining the number of investors who left the market eventually gives us a clear insight that will help us to determine if the market is set for recovery, or it will continue to face a significant decline as we have seen with the cryptocurrency market in recent months. Reports from Crypto-Quant data the predicted determination is not as bad as it was first assumed by many experts.

At first it was believed that a very large portion of investors would leave the crypto market as they possible don't foresee any better days once again, one of the financial experts by the name of Ki Young Ju revealed that most of the crypto currency investors have not left the market, they are simply waiting at the bottom, both the Bitcoin and the Ethereum markets have been facing downfall in recent days.

The crypto market took far less damage than previously predicated as reports only reveal 11% dive capitalisation, investors are also expected to out back their assets after the market normalises. Nevertheless, it's reportedly that Bitcoin failed to hold above $20 000 break, this may also be as a result of lack of buying power on the market which has been fading.

Source: U today

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