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'This Is Another R6.5 Million ANC Development That Has Caused A Stir On Social Media

The R6.5 million sports complex in Homu village, outside Giyani township, was built with the promise of a soccer field with a grandstand, a basketball and a tennis court were going to be part of the project. Everyone was very excited about the project, but I guess rural communities will never see development and progress.  

Members of the public are concerned that the African National Congress members are embroiled in corrupt activities and this has compromised the state and has made life a little bit difficult for the people of this country, for much this country have two more spend a lot of money trying to make their lives and family members a little more safer from perpetrators of crimes and to also live a good life.

But then this country its government is making it a little bit impossible because of how their corruption is rampant in the nation and it seems like no one is doing anything about it even the president of this country is frankly shocked, because nothing is being done to remedy this and it will be beneficial for the people of this country if things were to run smoothly and there was less corruption


Another thing which needs to be addressed is the fact that there are no real arrests being made despite the incriminating evidence being gathered against these individuals who are allegedly corrupt and defrauding the state of millions of Rands, nothing is being done about it but where does that leave the people of this country who are desperate for a greater end effort to life in the near future, we are completely devastated by the outcome that we are seeing and the crime.

A stadium was allegedly constructed but then as ordinary citizens there is nothing that we are seeing there on the field to constitute a worthwhile development which has been constructed and this is not the first project which has been abandoned completely unfinished, and it is definitely concerning because the people who were involved in this project are well known people but then there are no consequences for the reckless actions.

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